Top 5 Health Benefits of a Remote Workforce Employee Well-Being

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend not skipping any meals, including breakfast. People with few distractions at home may find that they are more aware of hunger than they would be at a workplace. These individuals can keep healthy snacks, such as fruits, on hand to avoid snacking on chips.

  • We don’t boss you around; we’re simply here to bring authenticity and understanding to all that enriches our lives as men on a daily basis.
  • Even if you are not able to go outside, there are still options available to you when you want to walk to stay active.
  • For instance, your bosses may not notice and appreciate your accomplishments as much or you may not be pulled into meetings that impact your work.
  • Many office employees don’t necessarily want to take time off work when they’re sick.
  • This greater sense of comfort and better work-life balance lead to less stress.

He found that when tele­commuting is less common at a company, employees tend to perform best when they work primarily remotely. Despite the largely positive findings on the benefits of telecommuting, just 7% of American companies offer the option to most or all of their employees, according to recent BLS data. Some early adopters—including Best Buy, IBM and Yahoo—are even reversing policies that once allowed employees to telecommute, citing leadership changes and a growing need for creative collaboration. But researchers also caution that teleworking is rarely an all-or-nothing arrangement. Some employees work from home a few days a month, some a few days a week and some full time—and the extent of a worker’s telecommuting can dictate his or her experience.

Set up the home office for optimal posture and comfort

Improved performance also affects the bottom line by reducing the need for overtime or extra staff. Let’s break this down and consider the most important advantages of remote work from both perspectives, starting with the two just mentioned. The funders had no role in the design of the study, in the analyses, or interpretation of data nor in the writing of the manuscript or in the decision to publish the results. Individual data from a large Germany-wide study was used to investigate the research questions.

56% of workers know someone who will quit due to RTO mandates – BenefitsPro

56% of workers know someone who will quit due to RTO mandates.

Posted: Tue, 31 Oct 2023 14:21:17 GMT [source]

Remote teams enable businesses to rent smaller office spaces — or even move to a remote, cloud-based operation completely. This saves organizations money on rent, utilities and other office supplies. But a healthier workforce is one advantage they might not have seen coming. The health benefits of working remotely are something to consider for companies that are looking for ways to improve employee wellness and satisfaction. When employers embrace the idea of a remote workforce and make the cultural adjustments necessary to create and manage a committed offsite team, they realize many benefits, including lower operating costs.

The Health Benefits of Working Remotely

Greater physical distances can present logistical concerns when tasks require real-time communication—for instance, during a military operation. In addition, cultural differences, such as how direct eye contact is perceived, influence the way people interact. Interestingly, the growing popularity of remote work could end up dampening its benefits, suggests research by Gajendran.

  • In a podcast, business magnate and philanthropist Bill Gates recently said that in the pre-pandemic business world, people worried that a client would be offended by a virtual meeting.
  • A. Bowling (Eds), Essentials of job attitudes and other workplace psychological constructs (pp. 207–241).
  • It levels the playing field by removing barriers related to body language, posture or other differences in how someone engages socially.

And, according to recent surveys, these laws directly reflect the preferences of employees. In a 2022 Glassdoor survey, 63% of employees said they would prefer to work at a company that discloses pay information over one that doesn’t, but only 19% said their company currently discloses pay ranges. California, Colorado and New York City are among the latest jurisdictions to pass laws requiring companies to publish salary ranges on job postings and/or disclose salary ranges to employees who request them. In California, for example, companies of over 100 employees (whether hired directly or retained through labor contractors) will also be required to report their pay based on race, gender and ethnicity to the state. Experts say that these laws, aimed at addressing historical pay gaps for women and minorities generally, could affect national policy on pay transparency.

The Four Day Work Week: Everything You Need to Know

According to a 2021 survey by Bankrate, 57% of workers said remote work had a positive impact on their finances. For example, I always spent a lot on lattes and lunches when I left the house for work, so I’m saving for sure now that I make my own. If you usually hit an afternoon lull at 2 PM, for example, you can take a quick power nap or go for a walk to refresh yourself for the remainder of the workday.

  • They can be fully or partially remote; they may work from a home office, co-working space or other location; and increasingly they may be geographically distant from the organization or clients they serve.
  • On the flip side, you’re home more often which may mean using more power than you would if you were at the office, for instance, or buying yourself some home-office furniture—like a comfortable chair or desk.
  • The important influence of this factor on all outcome variables reinforces previous findings in an EU-wide study highlighting the importance of an adequate provision of equipment.
  • Approximately 5 million workers moved between 2020 and 2022 because remote work made it possible.
  • Remote work also did a lot for promoting inclusivity and supporting individuals with disabilities.